◆ Fashion Styling ◆ Personal Styling ◆ Creative Direction

Stylin' Straighten Up

Following a personalised consultation where lifestyle and style goals are discussed and reviewed, your wardrobe will be assessed, arranged and advanced to adapt to your vision.

Dismissing the unflattering and encouraging the invigorating, we'll utilise key staple pieces and provide a foundation upon which new purchases can be built to emphasise your look, no matter the occasion. 

Want to make YOUR wardrobe easy for everyday? Get in touch today! 


      Available Locations:

  • In the comfort of your home
  • Virtual visit ( consultation only )


Personal Shopping

Ready to add to the collection and strengthen YOUR style?

Guided by your requirements and budget, we'll shop garments and/or accessories to meet your objectives.

Whether seasonal or occasional, we'll find and invest the right piece(s) for you, creating timeless and versatile looks that'll stand the test of time.


       Available Locations:

  • Hitting the shops (Pre-agreed location)
  • Online shopping - At home, at work or on location


Campaign Photoshoot / Editorial / Lookbook / Video / Event Styling

In need of assistance behind the scenes of a creative project or event?

Having a fashion stylist on set will not only give you an extra pair of hands for organising garments and accessories, models and props, additionally you'll gain a visually creative insight tailored to obtaining aesthetically enhancing results.


     Available Locations:

  • Freelance ( Pre-agreed location)



Creative Direction

Wanting more than 'on the day' styling? In need of a talented team or looking to set the scene in an artistic atmosphere?

Lighten your load and get all your creative components sourced and catered to.


       Available Locations:

  • Freelance (Pre-agreed location)